Cleaner, Brighter, Softer & Safer Laundry

Premium Care with our Advanced Oxidation Laundry System

All wash and rinse water used in our self-serve laundromat and for full-service wash and fold is enhanced with oxidizers and sanitized by our environmentally friendly LUX UV Light Oxidation Laundry System. This provides outstanding cleaning and disinfection while significantly lowering water and energy usage. 


Cleaner. Brighter. Safer.
Clean and folded laundry

You will notice the difference in your brighter, softer, and fresher laundry when ozone and other oxidizers are used in the water.

Cleaner, Brighter & Softer

LUX uses a safe ultraviolet light that supercharges the water with natural oxidizers, including ozone, to relax linen fibers, enabling detergents and softeners to perform better and extend the laundry life while leaving it noticeably softer and fresher.

Improves cleaning and stain removal

Brighter whites and more vibrant colors

Softens and freshens laundry

Increases clothes lifespan by 10 to 20%

Safer for Your Family

Traditional washing releases the dirt from your laundry and rinses it away.   While your laundry is “clean” in the conventional sense, germs and odors can remain on your laundry and in the washing machine. Using UV water in the wash and rinse cycles, organic materials, including viruses and bacteria, are killed and rinsed away.

    Delivers added disinfection to EVERY load of laundry

    Proven in killing the virus that causes COVID-19

    Eliminates odor at its source

    Stack of towels with rose on top

    LUX works to remove odor and odor-causing bacteria while creating a safer washing experience.

    Stack of clean towels

    Eco-Friendly Laundry

    Our UV Light Laundry System’s eco-friendly oxidizers clean and sanitize effectively in cold water and helps removes moisture from the spin cycle to enable faster drying. This reduces natural gas usage by 55%.

    Oxidized water requires less detergent and bleach, reducing the amount of chemicals discharged into the environment.

    When laundry soils are broken down by oxidation, less rinsing is needed, and therefore less water is used. UV light laundering reduces water consumption by up to 20% compared to traditional washing.

      Eco-friendly with lower water consumption

      Reduced natural gas usage reduces our laundry’s carbon footprint

      Better cleaning with fewer chemicals released into the environment

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does the LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System work?

      LUX technology supercharges our laundry system through an advanced oxidation process. Utilizing a safe UV light, the LUX Generator turns room air into earth’s strongest natural oxidizer.

      As room air is drawn through the LUX sealed generating chamber, molecules of oxygen recombine to create hydroxyls (OH), ozone (O3), and peroxide (H2O2), which are many times more powerful than hot water and bleach. The advanced chemistry oxidizes contaminants very quickly and leaves no harmful byproducts. 

      Are the added oxidizers released into the environment?

      No. As room air is drawn through the LUX UV light chamber, molecules of oxygen recombine to create hydroxyls (OH), ozone (O3), and peroxide (H2O2). The advanced chemistry oxidizes contaminants very quickly and leaves no harmful byproducts. The oxidizers naturally dissipate back into pure oxygen in approximately 7 minutes

      How effective is using UV light to kill germs?

      UV light is so good at disinfecting that hospitals, nursing homes, and similar facilities that need to remove superbugs such as C difficile and MRSA are using in-house laundry systems provided by LUX.

      Is there proof that your UV light laundry system effectively kills dangerous germs?

      Research has confirmed that the LUX System is effective against MRSA, E. coli, C. difficile, Human Coronavirus OC43, and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

      Read the “Pathogenic Killing Efficacy Report.”

      LUX Ultraviolet Laundry System

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